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Casey: Music

A Long Long Day (w/ Paul Otten)

(Paul Otten)
October 24, 2012
Charles P. Hurowitz & Paul Otten

Seems like the whole world has slowed down
The laws of motion ran aground
The moment you told me
That you no longer love me

The clock it ticks with heavy hands
And these spinning wheels inside my head
Leaving me to wonder
If I can take a another
Day without you

They tell me it gets easier with time
Well hurry up tomorrow please arrive
Cause longer days than this I’ll never find
It’s a long, long day

I hear my phone, I let it ring
Well meaning friends who always think
They know what to tell me
Of course they wanna help me

Well I’m in no mood for good advice
Just wanna wallow in my pride
And wait for tomorrow
When maybe this heavy shadow
Will let me go


I know life can’t go on without changes
Oh but I could do without the pain I’m
Stuck inside