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Casey: Music

How I Feel (w/ Paul Otten)

(Paul Otten)
October 24, 2012
Charles P. Hurowitz & Paul Otten

(Verse 1)
There you are
Picture perfect
We talk and laugh and leave so much unsaid
And when you go
I still feel your presence
Even if you’re with somebody else

(Pre-Chorus 1)
Is it futility, a waste of energy?
Maybe I should keep it all inside me
Deep inside

What if I told you how I feel?
And how I dream about you and me
My heart is speaking but my lips are sealed
What if I told you how I feel?

(Verse 2)
What I don’t say
Could fill a thousand pages
Full of words that never make it to the air
I get so close
Then the hesitation
Would you say the things I wanna hear?

(Pre-Chorus 2)
Do you read my thoughts I always wonder?
When the pause is long after the laughter
It's so long

(Repeat Chorus)

Here I am on the edge
Of honesty
Tongue tied and twisted
In realities
Pushing back the fears


(Repeat Chorus)