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Casey: Music

A Kiss On The Cheek

(Will C.)
February 24, 2011
Charles P. Hurowitz (Casey)
A Kiss On The Cheek
(c) Charles P. Hurowitz

Again you call me on the phone
I can hear that you've been crying
Seems no matter what you do for him
There’s just no way that you can win
You say you need a friend to talk
Another cup of coffee chat
You throw your hair up and out you run
For me you don’t need makeup on

And you sit so close
I can feel your every breath
Your lips oh so sweet and fine
Pull my heart right from my chest
And I give you laughter
And you give me a kiss on the cheek

Now we’ve been friends for so long
On a napkin we once wrote
If we were single at thirty-five
We’d get married ‘n build a life
But I never imagined that
You’d settle for just any guy
Every time I hear you speak
I wonder why it’s him not me

(Repeat Chorus)

So many times I tried to tell you
I lose my nerve
You could take my hand forever
Or crush my universe


(Repeat Chorus)