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Casey: Music

One More Night In New York City

(Brant Sharp)
July 21, 2009
Charles P. Hurowitz (Casey)
One More Night In New York City
(c) Charles P. Hurowitz

Well I traded my guitar for a Fisher Price portable crib
And you know that I promised that I played my last gig
But my bass man called to say
The label man wants to hear us play
C'mon baby, this could be the real thing

Just give me one more night- one more night in New York City
I'll be under the lights with where my guitar shines so pretty
I gotta go
Do the show
In New York City
I gotta go
Do the show
In New York City

When the lights go down and we play our songs you know the crowd will cheer
And the guy that didn't sign us I can see him cryin' in his beer
All the girls will be rushin' the stage
In the aisles they're gonna dance and sway
There's a new sound and it's coming from here

(Repeat Chorus)

'Got my pedal to the metal honey please don't tread on my rock n roll dreams
I know you heard it all before- I'll tell you just once more this is not what it seems
We'll put the money in the college fund
Tell your Mom we're taking care of everyone
Tell your boss that you're leaving - you're coming with me

(Repeat Chorus)